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Shenzhen Qihanghongda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional production of PCB manufacturers, established in 2007, is dedicated to PCB proofing fast, two-sided, multilayer oriented high-tech enterprises. Factories located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen manhole Wanan Industrial City, mainly in the prototype and small batch oriented. The company has a vibrant, professional and experienced technical and production staff of more than 300 senior management personnel and more than 50 senior engineers. With the advanced automated production line and testing equipment, the company has two automatic Shen copper, exposure machine 4, Flying Probe test machine 50, A OI optical measurement machine 2. In the production of precision single, double, multi-layer circuit boards of up to 20 million square meters. Scale is a powerful, well-equipped, strict management and excellent quality of the professional circuit board manufacturing plant home. The main customer base for the service: LCD module, satellite receiver (DVB), computer systems, computer card board, communications equipment, industrial power supplies, instrumentation, video, video, networking, military engineering, industrial and other high-tech industries.
Strong build China's largest and most professional of the most cost-effective sample PCB manufacturer! PCB industry to create the first brand, welcome to individuals, companies and traders consultation, cooperation!
The company developed under the ERP online order management system that allows customers to keep track of their own products which have been produced to the process, including whether it has been shipped, the courier express a single number, and the progress! Kai Hang grand always focus on providing customers with a variety of human services and support, personnel training, advocating full "self-management" philosophy, the company has been recognized by many customers and praise!

company culture

Corporate culture: to promote a company of integrity, sense of responsibility, pragmatic yet innovative corporate culture to help our business and the common development of all staff, continue to grow.
The spirit of enterprise: integrity, hard work, professionalism, innovative enterprises mission: to become the world's leading PCB and other electronic components suppliers
Corporate values: integrity, pragmatic, to assist the company, employees, customers, suppliers
Community development concept of talent: Talent is the continued success of the fundamental respect for the individual, emphasizing collaboration, so that each employee becomes a positive force to promote the development of the company and benefit the body
Employment standards: good character, professional dedication, hardworking
Code of conduct: honesty, strict, united, responsible
Quality concept: continuous improvement, there is no best, only better

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